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Decibel Capital follows a systematic and quantitative research process to uncover trading and investment opportunities. 

We provide technology solutions for swing trading and long only equity investments

Our expertise is trading on Indian Indices (Nifty/BankNifty), CryptoCurrency (Bitcoin(BTC), Ethereum(ETH)), and US Indices (S&P500, Dow Jones, Nasdaq) products. 

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DYNAMIC - Swing Trading System

DYNAMIC is a Swing Trading  Momentum system designed to trade on Futures & Options on  various instruments. It works well on following:

  • Indian Equity Indices such as Nifty 50, Bank Nifty

  • Crypto - Bitcoin, Ethereum

  • US Equity Indices such as Dow Jones, Nasdaq & S&P 500

This method is a 100% systematic in nature and can be traded in a fully automated way.

This method is a 100% systematic in nature and can be traded in a fully automated way.

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QUICK SINGLES - Data Patterns Trading

QUICK SINGLES is a unique offering by Decibel Capital. This system aims to identify and trade "High Probability - Low Frequency" signals on NIFTY50 and BANKNIFTY Index. This strategy aims to identify & trade multiple low correlated patterns for a long term smooth equity curve.

These signals are traded in a risk-defined fashion by taking exposure in Long Options. 

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VOL HARVEST - Option Selling 

VOL HARVEST is our first Option Selling algo that aims to capture volatility/theta priced into the Index options. This is an Option Selling strategy that trades selective strikes and days on Nifty and BankNifty Index Weekly Options. 

This method is a 100% systematic in nature and can be traded in a fully automated way.

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DAYLIGHT - Intraday Option Buying

Learn important aspects of trading including algorithmic trading, coding in Python, TradingView(PineScript), USD/INR and other aspects in a series of our educational webinars. 

Usually in each webinar some form of a strategy is discussed in order to explain various systematic trading/quantitative trading concepts. 

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Decibel Capital runs a few initiatives to help and support the systematic trading community. These include: 

- Free Strategies/Youtube videos

- inCube - Quant Incubator

- Office Hours - Python Education for beginners

- Medium Blog and Articles

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ORTHOGONAL ( /ôrˈTHäɡənl/)  - statistically independent

ORTHOGONAL is a multi-strategy portfolio that is built with strategies that covers a variety of trading edges and styles. It combines a few of our already existing algos. 


Ankit Garg

Ankit has over 13 years of experience in markets and started his career as an inter bank FX trader. He has worked with some of the major banks of India in the same capacity. 

He is an alum of Master of Financial Engineering program at the prestigious Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley. 

His interest lies in creating systematic strategies for Indian and US markets.

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