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Hello World!

Those familiar with the world of coding would be immediately able to relate to this title. For those uninitiated, "Hello World" is typically the very first output that a coder learns to generate while learning a particular coding language. A Hello World program is very simple in nature and used to learn basic syntax of a programming language. I started my programming journey by learning to code in C++ during my bachelor's program and my first ever program would have looked something like this:

# include <iostream.h>
int main()
cout<<"Hello World!";
return (0);

Above code, when executed will simply print "Hello World!" on the screen.

With that background, I want to introduce the reader with this blog. I am writing this blog with no pre-defined structure in mind. However, I intend to use this as output of my mind space. This will likely result in content related to markets, algorithmic trading, quantitative trading and services of Decibel Capital.

The aim of Decibel Capital is to provide technology tools and solutions to allow investors generate returns on invested capital, while managing draw downs. We leverage quantitative and systematic algos to trade the market. These strategies/algos are then made available to general public for investment. We are also designing Long-Only Stock investment portfolios for both Indian and US markets.

Through this website, I also aim to provide educational content that may help a lot of beginners in the field.

Stay tuned!


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